BIFACT’s flexible project management framework enables us to adapt to any methodologies followed by our organization. Your business and people are main drivers for any new or change is application.

  • We help in all four pahses of project life cycle i.e. Concept, Planning, Implementation and Closeout.
  • Our PMP certified project managers have experience of implementing both Agile software development method and traditional Waterfall mthod
  • We understand your business to identify the scope and meet with your people to identify the requirement which enables us identify the milestones and enable us to come up with cost.
  • Understanding your requirement & business process enables us to decide on the architectural, design approach and selection of technology as well as identification of business stakeholders.
  • Identification of architecture, technology and costing guides us to assemble a project team, which enables us to achieve the objective of the project while staying within the budget.
  • As depicted in this framework, it enables us in identifying the milestone, cost, team, schedule, and change management, risk and communication management process.
  • NAICS:541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541612, 541611, 511210, 561330