Small Disadvantaged (SDB);Minority Owned;D&B:625018861;Cage:6FYA6;UEI:KP6DYEE3MRG9; ISO 9001,ISO 27001 &ISO 20000 certified;
Contracting Tactical Operation Center (CTOC)

Developed for US Army's Mission & Installation Contracting Command (MICC) provides a comprehensive, acquisition workload and management solution that allows MICC Head Quarter, Field Directorate Office (FDO), Contracting Support Brigade and MICC Contracting Offices to focus on the three functional management pillars of workforce, contract operations and oversight.

The CTOC software program helps to bridge the gap between the needs of the tactical operational mission at the local contracting office level versus the strategic needs of the higher headquarters, which are supported through Virtual Contracting Enterprise-Contract Management module.

Operational since 2012, CTOC delivers a fully-integrated suite of software and business processes that streamlines the acquisition planning, pre-solicitation, solicitation, award and closeout. Some key features of CTOC as below:

  • Provides Procurement Action Tracking, Management Reporting and Procurement Process support.
  • Planning: Supports planning for new contracting action, modification of an already awarded action, supports assignment of work load, tracking of milestones for regular & AMA acquisitions and transitioning from planning to pre-award or post-award actions.
  • Pre-Award: Support new contracting actions, support assignment of work load at action or at each milestone level, tracks milestones against PALT for regular & AMA acquisitions, performance monitoring and making award decisions.
  • Contract Award: Support award of contract ensuring compliance with DFARS and FAR regulations as per procurement type and procurement action and support transitioning to post-award administration.
  • Post-Award Administration: Support post award administration of contract during base year & option period, assignment of work load, track milestone, send notification, contract modification and other activities e.g. FOIA, Audit etc.
  • Migration of Contracting Action: Support migration of a pre-award and post-award administration action from one MICC office and another office or to an external Army Contracting office.
  • Close Out: Supports closeout of contract, assignment of work load and closing of a contract.
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Report: Roles based dashboard and report for Commanding General, Brigade commanders, Office Commanders, procurement analysts, contracting officer, contracting specialists for monitoring progress, work load and managing operations.
  • Data Security: Dynamic data security as per authorization at command, brigade, office and as per work assignment.
  • Provided Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 application support for 2000 MICC end users and approximately 500 concurrent users.
  • Quick Facts:

  • Prime Contractor: BI FACT LLC
  • Number of Users: 1500+
  • Number of Contracting Actions Handled in 2015: 36000
  • Total Contract Action Valued: $5.2 billion
  • Total Contract Value for Small Business: $2.25 billion
  • Deployed In: MICC headquarter, all CSBs/FDOs under MICC and 34 Bases/Installation in US.
  • External Interfaces: VCE, PD2, ACBIS
  • NAICS:541511, 541512, 541513, 541519, 541612, 541611, 511210, 561330