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Case Study - FDA - Adverse Event Reporting System

In early 2011, the Office of Information Management (OIM) determined a business intelligence tool was necessary to meet CDER's requirement for complex and robust ad hoc querying, analyzing and reporting functionality for FAERS. Business intelligence tools typically read data stored in warehouses, data marts or replicated data tables. Since FDA had previously selected Business Objects software as an enterprise business intelligence tool, the FAERS Business Intelligence Solution (FBIS) will use Business Objects software for the majority of querying and reporting for FAERS. FBIS will be implemented in two phases. Phase I, which is part of FAERS Release 2.2 (scheduled for delivery in early 2012), will work off a complete replication of the FAERS operational database. FBIS will allow users to perform complex queries, multi-select products and events, drill down to the case level, export case data to Excel-like formats, and produce graphs. For Phase 2 (implementation post Release 2.2), business and OIM will collaborate to enhance FBIS to meet business requirements for specific data provisioning needs that may require transforming or denormalizing the data.

Case Study - DoD DTS Business Intelligence

DTS is a state-of-the-art, automated paperless system for Department of Defense (DoD) travel needs that is accessible to employees from anywhere in the world, whenever they need to use it. Travelers and their Authorizing Officials (AOs) can use the system for the entire range of travel activities. Travelers use DTS to generate travel authorizations, make trip reservations, and route travel requests for approval, all from their desktop workstations. The system is web-based and uses DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificates to digitally sign documents. When the trip is complete, the traveler files a voucher that is electronically routed for approval and sent to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) for payment. Users can upload or fax in receipts or other supporting documentation for attachment to their document. An electronic funds transfer from DFAS to the traveler’s bank account completes the process. When fully deployed, DTS will serve approximately 3 million DoD users. DTS includes a Business Intelligence Reporting System built upon the Cognos 8 Business Intelligence tool that contains a variety of pre-defined reports and cubes. A Cognos Administrative Interface (CAI) exists to integrate the user management process between DTS and the COGNOS reporting application and allows single-sign-on from the DTS portal for all authenticated DTS users with Cognos access permission. Access to report data is restricted based on a user’s Organization Access, and cube data based on a user’s Service/Agency. Currently DTS users are using Cognos module which in turn uses the processing power of DTS database server. This limits user’s ability to use the ad-hoc query studio, drill down and drill through reports work slow and lastly DTS system performance may get impacted (slow) during peak business hours. Future architecture will help us to provide users with a better performing Business Intelligence Platform that will be more users friendly and will have more processing power. This platform will allow Query studio access to user on DTS database and datamarts.

Case Study - FDA - Data Reporting and Business Intelligence

As incumbent's subcontractor of FDA's DRBI projects, BIFACT has already team in place with all FDA security background check as well 3+ years of DRBI experience and user relationship. All our team members have provided excellent support to FDA over the years and has received very high score on customer satisfaction survey. BIFACT is fully capable of assemble a team that will perform 51% of the work.